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New York Child Resource Center, Inc

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While the NYCRC has been around since 1993, they did not have a website and had established minimal visual identity. The NYCRC needed a modern online presence to reach and build trust in potential clients while providing information for current clients and job applicants.


  • Clean, mobile-friendly layout
  • Visual design that is “kid-friendly” but not juvenile or unprofessional
  • Ability of NYCRC staff to update and maintain website without hiring a webmaster


Interview: I met with a NYCRC employee to discuss the organization’s vision and needs for this project. She informed me that NYCRC clients tend to be low-income parents from The Bronx and Brooklyn - I suggested a mobile-friendly design, since many low-income families have mobile-only internet access. She also indicated a need for a website that can be updated regularly by staff who have little to no technical skills.

Strategy: I suggested that the NYCRC purchase a domain name and hosting from since the Business account comes with built-in support and the Wordpress CMS would make it easy for NYCRC staff to edit the site. I chose a clean, mobile-responsive theme that would allow clients to see all the most important information about the NYCRC on the home page. I used little custom CSS and minimized the use of widgets/plugins to make managing the site simple for NYCRC staff.

Design: The NYCRC had no online presence and no established branding and identity guidelines. They had a logo in use on their current brochure, so I used that as inspiration for the color scheme:

I needed to design for two very distinct types of users: potential clients, who would view the website, and NYCRC staff, who would manage the website:

The website needed to (a) provide vital information about the NYCRC services easily readable via a mobile device and (b) be easy enough to update for a person with limited technical skills. Tasks performed by NYCRC staff would include editing pages, updating a calendar of events via a sidebar widget, and adding photos to a gallery.

Documentation & Training: I drafted a reference document with general information about Wordpress, the NYCRC site, and specific tasks as determined in the Interview phase. I met with an NYCRC employee for 30 minutes and gave a brief tour of the Wordpress admin dashboard and answered remaining questions not covered in the reference document.


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main page with button to download brochure default text page with right sidebar simple photo gallery using a Wordpress plugin page for client testimonials


The end product is a mobile-responsive site that puts the NYCRC's mission at the forefront and allows easy access to the Center's brochure. Most importantly, the NYCRC can independently manage the site going forward.

Client testimonial

"Working with Katelyn on New York Child Resource Center, Inc.'s first website was truly a pleasure. Katelyn is a great listener, and really took the time to understand what our company needed before building our site. She catered to our needs and our technological level, and provided thorough training that allows us to update and change our website independently as needed. We are thrilled with the end result, and really appreciate how simple and quick Katelyn made the process." -Nicole, NYCRC