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Random Quote Generator

design | project management | coding with JavaScript
built with Javascript and Bootstrap 4.0


As part of my freeCodeCamp Front End Development certificate, I was asked to build a random quote generator which met the following requirements:

  • User can click a button to see a new quote
  • User can click a button to tweet out a quote


For the sake of organization, I broke this project up into 5 parts:

  1. Brainstorm
  2. Collect and organize quotes
  3. Design the UI
  4. Write the code
  5. Test, Evaluate, and Redesign

For a detailed account of what I did for each of these steps, check out the Medium post I wrote about this project.


I wanted a simple, text-focused design that would allow users to easily read the quote without being distracted by other design elements:

Quote database

I used a simple Google Spreadsheet to collect and check quotes for a character count. I thought about using an API, but wanted to be able to easily control for quote content and length.

JavaScript Code

To sum it up, I wrote code that:

  • Stores quotes in an array
  • Generates a random number, which is less than or equal to the array length
  • Uses that random number to select a quote from the array and place it in a designated area on the web page
  • Allows the user to tweet the quote by clicking a button

You can see the code in the CodePen I set up for this project.


You might have noticed that the final page looks a little different from my wireframes. As it turns out, the right-aligned quote attribution and buttons looked strange with a longer author name. Plus, I didn’t like the way the buttons jumped from the right of the box to the center as the screen was being resized. I moved the attribution to line up with the text, and put the buttons in the center.

I had some friends test out the quote generator on a variety of devices, and thankfully no one ran into any issues! I did discover a few things I’d like to improve in the next iteration.

Next steps

Of course, a designer’s work is never done. Some things I’d like to fix or add in the future include:

  • A way for users to suggest quotes for the database
  • A more sustainable way of storing and accessing quotes (20 quotes stored in an array like this is fine, but what about 200? 2,000? 20,000?)
  • On mobile devices, the “New Quote” button remains in focus after it is tapped — the script should remove focus after a new quote is loaded
  • Right now, the “default” quote is the same every time a user visits the page, since the function is tied to the click of the button. I would like to have a different quote appear each time the page is visited
  • Since the quotes are different lengths, the text box changes size and the “New Quote” and Tweet buttons jump around. The position of these buttons should remain consistent

Overall, I had a lot of fun working on this project, and I look forward to continuing to improve my JavaScript skills!